2015 Honors Week Lunch N'Learn

A recent University Honors Program alumnus, Christian Junker ‘14, spent much of the last academic year in Chennai, India completing an internship for the International Justice Mission. Christian returned to campus in April to share his experience with current Honors students and raise awareness on human trafficking.

Lunch N'Learncannot believe how incredibly lucky, privileged and full of grace my life has been up to this point. All because of where I was born, and who I was born to, I have been afforded a large amount of potential to engage in the world. And coming here to work for those who have been not only given very little, but denied much, has changed my understanding of how our world really interacts. In addition, seeing the transformation and joy that can come into a person’s life after they have been set free from bondage (literally) and begin to lead not only their families but their communities into self-sufficiency and freedom is one of the most powerful things I have ever experienced. And to know and have a chance to be a part of a group of people who selflessly put their lives on hold to care for others who are abused, beaten, enslaved, starved and worked mercilessly has put so many things in my life in perspective. I know that it is part of my calling in this life to care for those who others don’t care about, and to show love to those who have been treated poorly by those who have power over them.

JunkerI want to share my experience because human trafficking, or modern day slavery, is a global problem--one that many do not think even exists – or even actively deny. But we, as the next generation of leaders and thinkers and doers and changers, have not only the ability but the responsibility to alter the landscape of justice in this world. We have the power to do this – it will be hard, and it will require lots of work from many different people on many different areas of the problem, but together we have the power to make a better future. One where there are no slaves, one where the poor are not oppressed and ignored by justice systems throughout the world, one where every person is treated with dignity and respect simply because they are a person.