Derek Koppes

Economics, Finance, and Accounting
Cascade, Iowa
Personal development, personal finance, yoga, sports (specifically football, basketball, baseball, and running), and traveling.
Favorite UNI memory: 
My favorite UNI memory has to be the countless late night talks I had with my freshman year roommate. In my first year, I elected to settle for a random match, and I was very nervous about the prospective of living with someone I had never met in person. However, he ended up becoming my best friend, and we would have deep, late night talks ranging from our favorite breakfast food to difficult philosophical topics. He was absolutely crucial in my success my first year on campus, and I will truly never forget this time we shared together.
The best part about being in Honors is: 
My favorite part about being in the University Honors Program is having the opportunity to network with individuals on campus who have a passion for education and self-improvement. Additionally, the Honors Program has given me the opportunity to take specific honors tailored courses that have smaller class sizes. This was especially valuable to me as a student from a small town because my class sizes were always between 20-30 students in high school.