Honors Credit

There are a number of ways to earn academic credit through the Honors Program. Each semester the program offers a number of specialized sections of university courses reserved for honors students. Honors credit can also be earned through independent options like contracting, independent study, or study abroad opportunities. 

Honors Courses 

Honors sections of Liberal Arts Core classes fulfill both university and honors requirements while emphasizing discussion and class participation. Class sizes are limited to approximately 20 honors students. Honors seminars are courses developed by faculty specifically for the Honors Program. Seminars give students the opportunity to explore topics not routinely found in the traditional curriculum. Seminar enrollment is limited to approximately 15 students and sophomore standing is required. 

Honors Contracts

Contracting provides students with the opportunity to earn honors credit in non-honors courses. Credit is based on the fulfillment of a written contract between student and professor that outlines an enhanced learning experience above and beyond normal course requirements. Contracting is approved on a case-by-case basis, and there are restrictions on the number of honors credits students can contract.

Independent Study

Honors students can design an independent study for honors credit. The project is supervised by an advisor and can be taken for 1-3 hours of credit in a semester. The purpose of independent study is to provide students with an opportunity to participate in an educational experience beyond what is typically offered in the classroom. Students must be prepared to exercise a great deal of independent initiative in pursuing such studies.

Study Abroad Credit

Students are strongly encouraged to make use of opportunities for international learning. There are many options for study abroad participation at UNI, from short summer study programs to semester or year-long exchange. Students participating in non-honors study abroad programs can apply up to 3 hours of credit toward their honors designations through the completion of a travel journal and reflection paper. The journal should be compiled throughout the study experience and can be used to prepare a reflection paper upon the student's return. A request for credit must be submitted prior to travel, including a description of the themes or questions the student anticipates addressing in the reflection paper. Honors students with majors in the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences or the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences are eligible to apply for travel funding through the Nadyne Harris Scholarship for Honors Travel and should use that application to request study abroad credit. All others should email their request for credit to Jessica Moon (jessica.moon@uni.edu).