Honors Living Learning Community

Members of the University Honors Program are eligible to participate in honors housing though the Honors Residential Community in Campbell Hall.  

Honors Residential Community residents attend dinner with Jessica Moon

Living in the Honors Residential Community gives you the opportunity to:

  • Create a "home away from home" with your fellow honors students

  • Develop close relationships with students who share your commitment to education

  • Contribute to the honors living community and shape the future of Honors Housing at UNI

More details on the Honors Residential Community:

  • Rooms are reserved for honors students each year until April and are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Single and double rooms are available in one male and one female house in Campbell Hall. Please note this hall closes over winter break.

  • The Honors Residential Community enables a group of honors students to live in close proximity to each other. Every effort will be made to assign honors roommates within the cluster, but the Department of Residence reserves the right to assign non-honors students to open spaces.


Honors Residential Community students attend the Campbell Hall Halloween Party together.