Honors Student Advisory Board

The Honors Student Advisory Board (HSAB) is the active student voice of the University Honors Program. The purpose of the HSAB is to enhance the educational experience of every member of the honors student body by providing engaging programming and promoting academic, social and cultural growth. HSAB members have the opportunity to influence the direction of the Honors Program, while experiencing self-enrichment through planning events, sharing ideas and serving the community.

Members of HSAB elect a president, vice president, and one coordinator each for marketing, outreach, and programming. Special ad hoc committees are established as the need arises. Duties are fulfilled for one academic year, with elections held at the end of each spring semester. HSAB executives meet regularly to report on committee meetings, plan for upcoming events, and discuss student goals and ideas for the future of the University Honors Program. HSAB wide meetings are held bi-monthly. Recruitment of new members occurs during the months of November and April, and all students of the University Honors Program are invited to join the organization.

HSAB Bylaws


Anna Rasmussen

Marketing Coordinator

Kimberly Cavalier

Vice President

Emma Wilker

Outreach Coordinator

Maxwell Tensen

Programming Coordinator

Sarah Paukert

HSAB Advisor

Kylie Knecht

Honors Student Advisory Board Members

Honors Student Advisory Board Members

Honors Student Advisory Board Executive Members

HSAB Executive Team Fall 2018