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Kelly Cunningham and Dana Potter

Welcome! Meet your Peer Leaders Kelly Cunningham and Dana Potter!

Kelly Cunningham
Dana Potter

Year: Sophomore

Major(s)/Minor(s): Art Studio and Anthropology

Hometown: Montgomery, Alabama

Interesting fact about yourself: I like to put birds on thing.

Hobbies: Laughing. Wait, does that count as a hobby? Oh. Well then drawing, I guess...

Favorite UNI memory: Quelf, the best, most random board game ever.

The best part about being in Honors is: Getting to be part of this super-tight community of awesome peopel and meeting the best friends you will have. The people are honors students, you know.

Year: Sophomore

Major(s)/Minor(s): Studio Art

Hometown:  Spirit Lake, IA

Interesting fact about yourself: I can't whistle, but I can kazoo!

Hobbies: Sketching, sewing, crafting and cycling.

Favorite UNI memory: 24 Hour Performance Art Exhibitor or UNI Dance Marathon!

The best part about being in Honors is: Making great friends that are just as ambitious as you are!