Mackenzie Wisneski

TESOL/Spanish Teaching
Spanish to English Translation
LeClaire, IA
My hobbies include dying my hair, making pancakes in fun shapes, scootering down the Campus Street hill, bringing snacks to club meetings, and finding subtle ways to wear glitter in professional settings. :)
Favorite UNI memory: 
My favorite UNI memory is when I met multi award-winning author Sandra Cisneros in October when she came to campus. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend a luncheon with her in addition to her evening presentation (wild!). UNI's departments are always looking to bring incredible people to campus - these events are definitely worth attending!
The best part about being in Honors is: 
I love that the Honors students and professors that I've worked with are willing and ready to push the boundaries of a typical classroom. The discussions that are fostered within the Honors setting are so authentic and engaging, and the environment that these conversations build creates an easy pathway to connecting with the people around you both in and out of class.