Research in the Capitol

Research in the Capitol is a collaborative effort of the honors programs from the University of Northern Iowa, Iowa State University and the University of Iowa. In the spring of every year, the three Regents universities select a group of students to provide poster presentations of undergraduate research. The event celebrates how undergraduates learn by doing research in a variety of fields.

This event is hosted by the University Honors Program, but all UNI students are eligible to participate.  

The following students represented UNI at the last Research in the Capitol on April 1, 2019:

Jenna Anderson, psychology, Cedar Rapids, IA: The Relation between Disordered Eating, Stress, and Anxiety in First-Year College Women

Nicole Baxter, political science/psychology, LeClaire, IA: Democracy, Climate Change and Mass Migration: What to do in the face of international displacement

Dexter Cox, chemistry/physics, Parkersburg, IA: Optimization of Ultrasonic Parameters for the Synthesis of Nanocellulose Aerogels

Alec Glidden, biology, Cedar Falls, IA: Seed mix design and first-year management influence ecological outcomes in prairie reconstruction

Hannah Gregor, political communication, Solon, IA: Students in the Margin: The Creation of Evangelical Ministries on College Campuses

Collin Lint, history/political science, Center Point, IA: Can Human Rights be Ignored for a Price? An Analysis of Lobbying Power and U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Human Rights

Christopher Merck, math teaching/political communication, Marion, IA: "It's Important to Just Have Your Voice Heard": Young Voters Changing Perceptions of Political Efficacy

Cade Olmstead, sociology/philosophy, Ankeny, IA: Hegelian Political Theater

Mallory Park, communication disorders, Atkinson, IL: Informed Hearing Loss Prevention for Theatre UNI

Natasha Peterson, gerontology/psychology, Whittemore, IA: Decision Experience in Hyperchoice: The Impact of Age, Mental Fatigue, and Numeracy

Sam Prophet, physics, Cedar Falls, IA: First Principles Study of Surface States and Tetragonal Distortion in Half Metals

Orion Risk, general studies, Cedar Falls, IA: She’s Not Allowed to Do That: Practice-As-Research on Actors Embodying Female Same-Sex Sexuality

Miho Sanders, computer science, Cedar Falls, IA: Lightweight Formal Methods for Improving Software Security 

Nathan Schmidt, math/computer science/physics, Waterloo, IA: Image processing of cellular aggregates

Victor Soupene, biology/health promotion, Cedar Falls, IA: Induction of lipid bodies in Leishmania infantum-infected C57BL/6 macrophages of male versus female origin

Caleb Stekl, sociology/philosophy, Cedar Rapids, IA: Chasing the Idea: Love and the Impossible

Lyn Tackett, anthropology, Waterloo, IA: Prehistoric Plant Resources in the Cedar Valley:  How Prehistoric People Utilized Flora In Subsistence Practices 

Joseph Tibbs, biochemistry/physics, Alden, IA: Novel Data Analysis Methods in Multi-Channel and Multi-State Binding Experiments



Check out last year's event program: Research in the Capitol 2018

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