Research in the Capitol

Research in the Capitol is a collaborative effort of the honors programs from the University of Northern Iowa, Iowa State University and the University of Iowa. In the spring of every year, the three Regents universities select a group of students to provide poster presentations of undergraduate research. The event celebrates how undergraduates learn by doing research in a variety of fields.

This event is hosted by the University Honors Program, but all UNI students are eligible to participate.  This year's Research in the Capitol was held April 3, 2018.

The following students represented UNI:

Lauren Anderson, Bettendorf, IA; Alyssa Hanken, Sperry, IA; Tessa Horn, Manson, IA: Positive Language Teaching: Culturally Responsive, Strengths-Based and Empathetic 

Chandler Dolan, Lisbon, IA: Bee and Butterfly Response to Floral Resources in Central Iowa Prairie Restorations

Juliana Herran, Cundinamarca, Bogota: Effect of Fe substitution on structural, magnetic and electron-transport properties of half-metallic Co2TiSi

Sarah Hofmeyer, Alton, IA: Attitudes on Education Policy in Iowa

Dianna Huisman, Osage, IA: Extracellular ATP Effects on Intracellular Actin Fibrils' Location and Characteristics

Nina Jocic, Waterloo, IA: Investigating Reactive Diruthenium Intermediates for C-H Bond Silylation Reactions

Megan Kennedy, Ogden, IA: Gender Differences in Sexual Assault and PTSD Stigma

Anna Larson, Indianola, IA: Much Ado About Gender: How Artists Express Feelings about Gender Discrimination through their Art

Michael Lashbrook, Waterloo, IA: Nitrogen resorption in prairie biomass feedstocks with different diversity 

Courtney Massey, Sioux City, IA: Biogeography of Southwestern Pocket Gophers in the Genus Geomys

Sarah McMichael, Nashua, IA: Anti-fungal Compounds from Native Prairie Plants

Ashley Norem, Urbandale, IA: The Effectiveness of Encouraging Habilitation in Adults with Wearable Activity Trackers

Kaitlyn Parrott, Cherokee, IA: Synthesis and Coupling Schemes of Naphthalimide Compounds with Target Drugs

Charcey Petersen, Ankeny, IA: rtk4all: Implementing a Low-Cost and Accurate Positioning System

Josh Prybil, Solon, IA: Silylation of Pyridine and Pyridine Derivatives using Diruthenium Catalysts

Megann Schmidt, Whittemore, IA: Rates and Patterns of Evolution in a Duplicated Genome in the Family Catostomidae

Lauren Swan, Washington, IA: La discriminación contra latinos (Discrimination Against Latinos)

Check out this year's event program: Research in the Capitol 2018

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