Riley Elenz

Communication Studies, Psychology
Columbia, South Carolina
I love watching Netflix, going on hikes, spending time with friends, and being involved in various clubs here on campus.
Favorite UNI memory: 
My favorite UNI memory so far would probably have to be Homecoming Week. The energy and excitement on campus that week is crazy. There are all kinds of fun activities like pep-rallies and picnics that week leading up to the football game on Saturday. My favorite part is going to the football game with all of my friends. It's a fun game and the marching band plays some great songs. That has to be one of my favorite memories because of all of the funny stories that came out of it that we still talk about to this day.
The best part about being in Honors is: 
I have really enjoyed the sense of community I feel through being part of the Honors Program. I have met some of what are now my closest friends through being a member of the program, and for that I am very thankful.