Sam Bass and Emily O'Loughlin

Welcome! Meet your Peer Leaders Sam Bass and Emily O'Loughlin!



Sam Bass
Emily O'Loughlin

Year: Junior

Major(s)/Minor(s): Creative Writing- Fiction and Women & Gender Studies

Hometown: Boone, IA

Interesting fact about yourself: Supposedly I sould like Tim Gunn, the guy on Project Runway.

Hobbies: Writing, watching movies, reading, being obsessed with Meryl Streep, playing Angry Birds and eating.


Favorite UNI memory: I love all the small moments with friends. It's cheesy, but true!


The best part about being in Honors is: Being around people who are not afraid to be intellectual! It's what college is all about!

Year:  5th Year/Senior


Major(s)/Minor(s):  History & Philosophy/Studio Art

Hometown:  Kelley, IA


Interesting fact about yourself: This will be the first summer since I starting college that I'm not taking summer classes.


Hobbies: Reading, crafting, taking long walks.


Favorite UNI memory: The best memories those spent with friends and having great conversations with my professors.


The best part about being in Honors is:  I love the smaller classes and enjoy the thesis presentations by the seniors each semester.