Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Italy Colosseum

Students are strongly encouraged to make use of opportunities for international learning.  There are many options for study abroad participation at UNI, from short summer study programs to semester or year-long exchange. Over the past several summers the Honors Program has sponsored short-term study programs in Italy and Greece.  Additionally, students participating in non-honors study abroad programs can apply up to 3 hours of credit toward their honors designations through the study abroad option

Honors students with majors in the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences or the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences are eligible to apply for travel funding through the Nadyne Harris Scholarship for Honors Travel. The travel must result in earned academic credit accepted by the University of Northern Iowa and designated for honors credit by the University Honors Program.

A Student's View

By Megan Kingery

I went on the Honors Greece Capstone June 3-22. We traveled all around Greece, starting in Athens, then going to Nafplio, Corinth, Olympia, Crete, and Santorini. I liked that we got to see the big city of Athens, as well as the smaller town of Nafplio. It was also very cool to see in Athens remains from long ago mixed in with modern buildings. My favorite part was when the five honors students on the trip went to an opera in Athens in an ancient outdoor Greek amphitheater near the acropolis. As a music major, I was excited to hear the Greek National Opera perform, but the fact that it was held in an ancient amphitheater just truly made it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. My favorite food while in Greece was Greek salad. This salad does not contain any lettuce, instead includes tomatoes, red onions, green bell peppers, and cucumbers mixed with olive oil and herbs, topped with olives and feta cheese. I also felt like Greek food included more vegetables than what I'm used to eating at home. I really enjoyed the fact that while we were traveling throughout Greece, we were also learning the history and culture of Greece, allowing us to be 'travelers' rather than 'tourists.' This has definitely affected the way I will travel in the future.

Megan Kingery in Greece

By Alyssa Holt

It is hard to pick particular favorites because the overall trip was one I will never forget and created such wonderful memories with new friends. That being said, I absolutely loved Nafplio! It has a small town feel and is just beautiful with so much character and history. I also loved our whole time on the islands of Crete and Santorini. This portion of the trip was touristier due to the popularity of the islands, but we still embraced the historical sites on the islands. I loved learning about the history and culture of Greece firsthand; I believe students learn best when it is firsthand and have a visual with the information. I really enjoyed how the instructors gave us free reign after class and the tours were over. This gave us a chance to learn how to navigate on our own and to embrace our surroundings. The trip taught me to be aware of my surroundings. I was able to use what we were taught in the pre-departure classes. I pushed myself to use Greek words and dive into their mannerisms; any effort truly put a smile on the Greeks’ faces. All of the material we learned about Greece will really benefit me as a social studies teacher. I can share firsthand experiences and pictures with my future students. I gained so many friends and learned a lot about myself and others around me. I couldn’t wait until I got home to share what happened on my trip with everyone. Greece is definitely a place I encourage everyone to visit at least once in their lifetime, and I will for sure be returning some day!

Alyssa Holt in Greece